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It's my gratitude to share my good feelings as being part of Varthur Bengali Association (VBA). I personally feel very happy & blossomed for all the events have so far like Puja, Picnic, Pot –Luck etc. which represent “Strong Team Work”, “Friendship” and “Togetherness” . I like another part to VBA’s activities i.e. nothing but standing beside needy people who are under-privileged in some aspects (I do want to use the word Charity as VBA Team does it with emotional feeling). One more area attracted me in last General Body Meeting, the professional and very clear & sound presentation on activities done so far, planned activities in 2017 & cost/expense, the presentation was done  in very nice way with projector & mice like a corporate world.

Let us keep going on & keep growing up.

Cheers for such a strong & sporty TEAM.

June 10, 2017

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Joined VBA last year and i will continue to be with it, till I am here in Bangalore. I love the people, festivals, gathering, cultural activities etc. My family enjoys each and events organized by VBA. It is open for people of all communities, I am one in few of the non Bengali members in it, yes you heard it right...(I am proud member in among few non Bengali members), I am so warmly welcomed and accepted in this group that it feels home and as if I know these people from ages

Anand Lall September 25, 2018

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It's a mere coincidence for me to be with this group.  Sorry it's not a group or association it's a home away home . My journey started with this beautiful family since  its foundation day. I meet several like minded people and  many of them are very close family friend.  We celebrate all bengali festivals be it cultural, religious or fun. One common string for all is PET PUZO. Last year Durga pujo celebration was one of my best pujo celebration in Bangalore and I bet it's the similar feeling for many others. Kali pujo was fantastic occasion to remember when we spend whole night just like nonsense. Lakshmi pujo was another family bonding event with lots of food and surprise guitar play from Rohit. Another event was family picnic where a fun fillled day well spend with cook out, out door game & special drink. Picnic day to be remembered for super Chef Indu and master Chef Debanjan. Finally, frequent pot luck is just another feather of our celebration list. Kaustav's guitar play for every pot luck occasion is just awesome. Poila baishak punishment with fun games is a must for upcoming events.
Our sports chaps shows relentless enthusiasm every night for badminton games is a nightmare for rocking ladies from our families.


June 11, 2017